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How to increase the PHP file upload size limit (upload_max_filesize)

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he default upload_max_filesize for PHP is 2M but this can easily be increased by following these steps

Step 1 - Log into your cPanel.

Step 2 - Under the Software section, click Select PHP version.


Step 3 - Click on the Switch To PHP Options link located in the top right.


Step 4 - Find the row for upload_max_filesize and then click on the 2M wording.


After you click on the 2M it will change to a drop down like this


Step 5 - Choose your required upload size, for example 16M, from the drop down and then click Apply. If you increase the upload_max_filesize then you should also increase the post_max_size as this should be at least the same if not larger than the upload_max_filesize.

Step 6 - Finally click Save to apply the changes.


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