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How do I change my Name Servers?

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Changing the nameserver records in a DNS editor does not actually change the DNS servers for a domain. All it does is actually create nameserver records on our DNS servers that can be used for subdomains of your domain.

To change the main DNS server settings for a domain it has to be done at a stage back from our DNS servers, at the registrar.

Consequently, to change the DNS servers in our systems you need to log into the HOST100 Client Area where you have control over the settings stored at the registrar. To access these settings:

1. Log into the HOST100 Client Area at
2. Click on the 'My Domains' link
3. Click on the 'Manage Domain' button to the right of the domain
4. Update the Nameservers area as required and click on the 'Save' button.

The HOST100 Name Servers are:

Windows Hosting:


Linux Hosting

If you are unsure what hosting you have with us then please raise a support ticket by emailing

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