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Out of Hours Emergency Procedure

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  • 13/02/2020 4:31 PM

Telephone and email support is provided during office hours which is:

Monday 09:00 - 17:30
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:30
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:30
Thursday 09:00 - 17:30
Friday 09:00 - 16:30

If you are experiencing a problem and you need support outside these hours then please review the following before you try and contact us.

1. Can you browse any other websites?
Make sure your internet connection is working by browsing all three of the following websites.

If one or more of the websites listed above do not load for you then the problem is not at HOST100. You may be experiencing what is known as a routing issue with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or your internet connection may have a temporary fault. Try browsing your website or access your email from your mobile with the WiFi turned off. By turning off the WiFi you are forcing your mobile to use your mobile network which is separate from your home or office internet connection.

2. Can you login to your control panel?
If you have one of our shared web hosting accounts then you would have been given a control panel URL when the account was first setup. We have separate control panels for our Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting and they are as follows:

If you find that you can access your control panel but you are having problems with your website then you should be able to fix the problem from within the control panel so please read on otherwise jump to step 3.

The most likely cause, if nothing has changed recently with your website, is that an automatic update has been applied somewhere else. Security updates are applied automatically every night before the backup jobs to ensure there are no security holes. This essential security updates can be made to the server operating system, the control panel software, the PHP engine or the MySQL engine or even all of them. Look for any files called error_log in the root of your website folder for a clue on what may be going wrong.

The other problem your website could be having is that it has used too many resources and it is now being restricted. You can check this from within your control panel by clicking on the Resource Usage button under Metrics

This will tell you if your web hosting account has been restricted in the last 24 hours and if it has it will tell you when and what was restricted. If you find that your website is regularly being restricted then may need to upgrade your web hosting account by moving to the next level inside the client portal Any upgrade is applied to your account automatically as soon as the invoice is paid so you can do this at any time, night or day.

You can also use the client area to upgrade your account if you have run out of disk space which again can be seen from inside your control panel.

3. Check our Status Page -
If you have found that you can browse the websites from Step 1 but you can't browse the control panel in Step 2 then please review our public status page which is here Our status page is generated by a 3rd party so it should always be available even if we are not! The page lists all of our shared web hosting servers where the DNS, Web and Email services are checked every minute.

If a problem is ever detected an alert is sent to the on call engineer to diagnose and fix. If you see an outage displayed on that page then we should already know about it and we are probably already working on it. You can see for yourself by checking our Announcements page as per Item 4 below.

4. Finally - check our Announcements Page -
If we are performing any work, planned or unplanned, on a web hosting service then we will announce this on our "Announcements" page ( We always try to give at least 7 days notice before any planned updates are carried out and the majority of these are started after 23:00 to ensure minimum user impact.

If a problem arises that affects one or more services then we will create an Announcement on the Announcements page with timestamped information and updates through to the conclusion of the event to let you know that we are working on it. Once the problem has been fixed we append the (Resolved) wording to the individual Announcement page and leave it there for at least 14 days so that any clients can review the problem and the notes that were broadcast during the outage window.

I need Emergency Support!
We currently only provide 24 Hour Emergency Support on the following products:

  • Platinum Web (Linux)
  • Reseller Accounts (Reseller 10, Reseller 20, Reseller 50 and Reseller 100)
  • Azure VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

If you have one of the products above and you require emergency support then you can call 01252 636060 and choose option 2. You will need your Emergency Support Pin numbers that are displayed in your client area for the product you have with us. These Emergency Support Pin numbers can also be found on your latest invoice (if it was generated after February 2020).

To view your Emergency Support Pin numbers please login to your Client area and click Services and My Services

f5edd2731380af36113bc86420f745ab344a02e6?t=46240a98786f1bc1ea827020b8cbc429 Then click on the product you would like emergency support for and look in the Additional Information section like this:

9b0443da794321de278bd72d6e49f322ad4922fb?t=1f8eddf7d921733742605f4eed62b5b2 When you create an emergency support request our automated telephone system will ask you to record a brief message explaining the problem that you are having. This message is then sent directly to the on call engineer to review and action as appropriate. Please only use this service for emergencies where your website is totally down and you are unable to recover it from a backup. We reserve the right to remove the 24 hour emergency support cover for any users who abuse or otherwise misuse it.

Basically, if you have a genuine problem then we genuinely want to hear about it and fix it for you otherwise if it can wait until our normal office hours then please email us or leave a message on the answer phone and we will pick it up.

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