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Adding/Modifying Distribution Groups

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Distribution Groups

Distribution groups allow you to assign an email address, ie. to a number of recipient mailboxes.

1. To add a distribution group addres select the 'Exchange' tab in the left sidebar. Select the deployment name and click the 'Distribution Groups' tab. Click 'Add Distribution Group'


2. Enter the name into the 'Address' section and select the desired domain name from the drop-down list. You will also need to select the Spam action required. The Spam Action status' are as below:

Delete: Spam e-mails are deleted before the e-mail is delivered
Warn in Subject: Spam e-mails are delivered with the word **SPAM** appended to the subject line
gnore: Spam e-mails are delivered as normal

3. The 'Internal only' feature gives you the option to only accept emails sent internally. This adds an additional layer of security and protection from unsolicited external emails

You can use the 'Copy Member List Of' drop-down to select an existing distribution group user list.

Once the Distribution group has been added you will be able to edit the Members.
1. Select the Edit members icon next to the Distribution Group you wish to edit.

2. Select the user(s) under the 'Users NOT in Distribution Group' box that you wish to add

3. Move the selected user(s) across to the Distribution Group using the top blue arrow. You can remove members from a Distribution Group by selecting the user(s) in the Distribution Group Members box and clicking the bottom blue arrow

4. Click 'submit changes'


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